Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My Brain Hurts!

My biggest challenge with Open Source, and perhaps the POSSE curriculum, is the sheer number of accounts, sites, tools, etc  I find it bewildering to stay on top of it all, though spending tomorrow running everything out of the Fedora Spin in virtual box will likely help to reduce the confusion.  I'd also probably have done better to pursue POSSE at another institution rather than my own this particular summer.  Having five FOSS projects running with something like 14 team members (some in the same room as POSSE and some just down the hall)  adds another level of distraction that the other RIT Profs don't have :-)

I'm feeling like a diagram/visualization of all the different pieces and how they inter-relate and or map to pipeline would help.  Here's a list anyway...

  • Blog:  Personal Dev Notes and thoughts syndicated for others via planets.
    • Sugar Planet
    • Teaching Open Source Planet
  • Wikis
    • Teaching Open Source
    • Sugar
    • Fedora 
  • IRC
    • #TeachingOpenSource
    • #Sugar
    • #Fedora? 
  • Fedora
  • Sugar
  • Teaching Open Source
  • Management?
  • Bug Tracking and Reporting?
  • Version Control
    • GIT 
    • Patch (Unix Command?)
  • Publican (xml goes in, different docs come out, fedora developed tool?)
 One thing that would/would have helped me would be to narrow the nozzle on the fire hose to start out.  By that I mean start with one full set to begin with and add on a daily basis.  start with TOS for communications, accounts, blogs, planets, irc s much as possible.  Then add in sugar, have me download source for a doc (or something else) and make a patch to it there.  Have me play with some activities and report bugs, request features or tweak the source there.  Then move me up to fedora, etc.

Productively lost in one place = good, productively lost in three = not so productive.  Scaffold and/or offer structure across one community and tool set, let me get comfortable there and then have me translate to the next.

Ok, so I'm a big whiner.  :-)

So I'll shoot for the spin project tomorrow

In the meantime I think I tracked down the last Planet issue. Was listed in contributors but none showing up at the top level of TOS as individual entries.  Tag issue :-( Attempted to create two tags in blogger (FOSS and POSSE) but it took them as a single tag (FOSS POSSE)  killed that one and just stuck with FOSS.   Should work now.

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