Friday, June 18, 2010


For POSSE proper yesterday, not much to say as I was in and out for most of the classroom time.  Various errands including providing folks XO's dealing with paper work for POSSE, FOSSCon, the research undergrads etc prevented me from participating much in the creation of the spin, but I'll benefit from the efforts of my colleagues.

Today, it was really all about the meals.

We had a group lunch with the POSSE folks and the FOSS Box team.(Boneless wings for 23) and introduced the professors and staff to the students working on the FOSS projects and Jon Schull in his current role as interim director of the Innovation Center, which I think was good for all around.

Last night was the POSSE dinner, where Chris Tyler and I spent some time figuring angles to get RIT Co-Ops to work on CDOT projects.  The challenge is getting the border issues dealt with (if a us student is doing a co-op for a Canadian college while residing in the us and not actually getting any money because its a not for profit does anyone hear the tree fall in the forest?)  or do we do it via a US not-for-profit say Sugar or, as I thought about it this am, CIVX?

Also had a good chat with Chas of the LUG, Pythonistas and etc about my grandiose ideas around Pi Day, which could include a Pi-thon hackfest for math4 around Pi related stuff.

I've also been thinking about tweaks to the course, and adding a second one, that I'll discuss later today and kick around with Dave Shein in July.

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