Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Spent the AM talking about "roses and thorns,"  ie high points and low points of the experience so far.  Reiterated some of last night's blog posts comments, to which Mel and Chris were graciously supportive of.  We took a long look at things like Bugzilla, Trac, Fedora Hosted and others tools and Mel walked us through her process for picking up a new project; ie evaluating a dev community as viable or non-viable before jumping in.  This was extremely useful as were the other discussions.

At 11:00 we took a break to be interviewed by Andrea's Journalism students, which was fun.  I then shot down to the Center for Student Innovation to help run the Tuesday lunch event and then shot back upstairs asap to rejoin POSSE.

I joined the RIT_Remix_Project project and we spent the afternoon building a list of packages to include. This is a start for a general assemblage for the institute overall and could spawn some College specific variants over time.

Homework tonight is to keep tweaking this and perhaps start the lists for the variants. For my contribution to the effort I've created a new page RIT_Remix_Project/College_Specific. My colleagues are planning to evaluate more packages for the RIT Remix and  College Specific Remix

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