Friday, June 18, 2010


Run three sessions of a seminar in FOSS Development for the OLPC. Roughly 50 students have taken the elective which has created 9 projects for Sugar Labs’s Math 4 initiative and generated seven unpaid co-ops and to extend those projects

Created FOSS@RIT, an umbrella for a wide variety of FOSS activities, including which has received some support for development this summer from RIT

Housed a funded applied research project in the development of an Open Video Chat (OVC) project that targets Deaf users but can be used by all. The initial development began as a Sugar activity, summer goals for the project include Linux, PC and Mac versions as well.

Brought Richard Stallman and Walter Bender to campus

Mounted a successful effort to host a POSSE and FOSSCon in June.

Participated in panels at the Teaching Open Source Summit and the HFOSS Symposium
Presented at NYSCATE 2010 and Bar Camps and Unconferences in Rochester, Boston and New York RIT’s 2009 and 2010 Imagine Festival.

Had a paper accepted at the Deaf Education Technology Symposium for presentation 6/2010 and has a final draft of a paper waiting official acceptance at Frontiers in Education 2010. If accepted, presentation will be 10/2010

Converted the OLPC seminar into a formal course “Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Development; the goals of which meet the current draft HFOSS certificate requirements. That course will be offered in fall 2010.

Begun working with a team looking to turn the XO and Android phones into portable EKG and other medical sensing devices for use as primary equipment in the third world (X0) and supplemental emergency equipment in the first world (Android)

Begun building a relationship with the Righteous Pictures production team of “Web” an documentary in production that features the XO with the intent of having RIT students participate in the post-production of the film and the creation of digital widgets that promote the film, its message

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