Sunday, June 20, 2010


Yesterday was FOSSCon, the day-long FOSS conference hosted by RIT. The event content covered a nice spread of education, business and other applications of FOSS technology and community. I enjoyed the keynote by Basekamp an arts space interested in open content and hacker culture as well as fine arts. Hope to do a presentation for them either on what the museum is doing and/or art games in October.

After that I spent some time in the exhibits room with the attendess at large, participated in the POSSE panel and saw a few of the lightning talks before I got a call from home and had to split.

The crowd was smaller than the organizers had initially hoped, and not without some "first-time organizer"bumps in the road. That said the community was great and they had folks come from a radius of 350 or so, from Pennsylvania to Toronto and around. I'm looking forward to planning for next year's and building on the base that was laid this Saturday.

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