Sunday, January 2, 2011

Part Three: Open Source at the IEEE Games Innovation Conference in Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong I got an introductory e-mail from T.K. Kang, who has been active in OLPC Asia.  T. K. and I had a pleasant dinner together Monday night, my last dinner in HK before returning home.  T.K. has been very active access technology efforts throughout his career and is interested in seeing more FOSS and OLPC/Sugar efforts in this area in Asia, as he feels that Hong Kong, China and other Pacific Rim countries are far behind the state of the art.

He pointed out that there were a variety of older, but successful DOS-based programs that had potential for OLPC application if they were converted over, as their resource demands would likely be in sync with the OLPC  technology.  He is interested in writing some grants to support access technology on the OLPC platforms.

This would be an area that a team of RIT students might be able to help him pursue down the road.  We will also look into providing him with some of our 1.0 XO's to use to pilot his efforts and to have working proof of concepts to demonstrate to support his pursuit of funding for his work.

All in all, a worthy trip, from presenting on our own efforts to finding other FOSS and OLPC/Sugar contacts in Hong Kong.  I'm looking forward to a New Year full of new efforts and a second POSSE on the RIT campus!

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