Sunday, January 9, 2011

FOSS@RIT: The Accomplishments of the Past Year.

Well, at my request Remy compiled a list and it blew my mind.  It's still rough,  just a first pass at a categorized list of links.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll polish it into a full article that discusses the bullet points in more detail, adds lessons learned, and lays out what we hope the next year will bring.

Bottom line, FOSS@RIT has pulled a lot together in 12 months and none of it would have happened without the people who got us started and always have our backs...

Mel Chua
Remy Decausemaker
Luke Macken
Karlie Robinson

Other thanks to those who've given us advice, opportunities or support in other ways...

Walter Bender
David Farning
Adam Holt

Some of those who moved on, but got us up and running...

Greg DeKoenigsberg
Eric Grace
Fred Grose

Truth be told, what RIT has accomplished has been due primarily to these people and to the students.  I just  put together a class and a home base and watch them go. While all of the students who've taken the class have had an impact, these particular regulars of the FOSS Box have led the way.  All of these folks have done multiple co-ops or summer research fellowships, manage on-going projects and/or help keep the FOSS Box running.  Many of them are seriously considering Open Source as a career path, so keep your eyes out for them, they're gonna be monsters.

Nathanial Case
Christopher (wiki) Deslandes
Justin Lewis
JT Mengel
Jon Meschino
Fran Rogers
Taylor Rose
David Silverman

Here's looking forward to an equally productive 2011.


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