Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More wikiotics, Girl Scouts, Pace University visit

All kindsa stuff going on!  Due to the previous press release on our students working on Wikiotics, we got a request to demo the project at the opening of Taylor and Nate got to show off Wikiotics at the grand opening of the Constellation Commons for Global Learning at RIT this Friday, October 23rd.  Taylor and Nate did us all proud showing the tech off at this event.

Saturday was the third time we did the day-long "Games for Life" interest program workshop for the Girl Scouts, the same one we did at SIGGRAPH this past August.   We'll be doing another this spring and after that I think the bugs will be worked out enough to distribute as open content, assuming the Girl Scouts agree.

Today, 10/27, the recently minted DR Gerald Ardito brought me out to Pace University to talk to folks from the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems (Dr. Constance Knapp, Interim Dean,    Dr. David Sachs, Associate Dean ) and the School of Education (Dr. Andrea (Penny) Spencer, Dean and Dr. Sandra Flank, Professor ) to discuss FOSS@RIT, our game degree program the HFOSS course in which we do our OLPC/Sugar work and other things besides.

What an excellent group of folks!  Lots of synergy, lots of excitement and a whole list of brainstormed opportunities to collaborate on summer workshops, courses and more.  It's clear we'll be getting back in touch soon to see what we can do together.

More traveling tomorrow, as I head off to Washington DC for the Frontiers in Education conference with some of the other TOS folks. Looking forward to meeting them face-to-face.

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