Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boston was a Blast!

Wednesday, while the team was driving down, I was touring the Museum of Science and catching up with former student Keith Simmons who's been Technology Manager for the Intel Computer Clubhouse there for about 2 1/2 years.Keith has been rooming with a crew of hacker/maker types, is getting into fabbing and has fantasies about getting a laser cutter :-).  He's involved with a new cool space called Artisan's Asylum and was excited to hear about Interlock up here in Rochester.

Much of Thursday was spent happily hacking at OLPC headquarters.  Much progress was made on OVC, the Python Engine projects and on CIVX.  Check out the OLPC Hackfest photos from Qian.  Some of the crew peeled off for the OLPC Soccer Game at 4:30.  Others joined me for the GAMBIT focus testing fest at their offices just two buildings down from OLPC. If you're in Boston and missed the one this week, there'll be another July 22nd.  Same directions and times apply I believe. We had a great time testing games and Keith was able to join us for that and for Remy's Birthday dinner afterwards.

Friday 10-2:30 was spent with the Gambit crowd.  From 10-11 Philip Tan and I talked about ways in which our two programs could collaborate and I left with a good list of items to pursue in the next few weeks. Then, after catching up on some e-mail, I joined Philip and some of the GAMBIT faculty and students for lunch.  A good crowd of folks and I had a great time.  They may take a road trip up to visit us and ICHEG sometime in the fall.

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  1. Whoa, Keith used to be your student, and he's hacking at the Asylum? Small world. I met Keith through OLPC (Computer Clubhouse stuff) and the Asylum is run by a couple old college buddies of mine.