Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Two Weeks of the Quarter Shout Out!

Since I started sabbatical in July things have been intermittent at best, something I hope to remedy for a New Year's resolution.  That said, two quick mentions...

1.  First a tip of the hat to Ralph J. Bean, who's teaching the new "Project in FOSS Development" course at  RIT this quarter with Open Source Games in the Cloud and hosting on Open Shift as the focus.  RJ and I developed the course last quarter and after sitting in the back for two weeks I can assert that he's doing a great job so far in his first college teaching gig.

2.  Also a salute to Mel Chua as she announces her inevitable (due to her choice to pursue a PhD) departure from Red Hat.  Mel was one of our first big supporters at FOSS@RIT, (along with Karlie Robinson and Fred Gross) and I had the pleasure of working with her at POSSE and conferences since.

Keep your eyes on both their spaces, they are doing great stuff!!

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